Watch this clip of Representative Teodorico “Nonong” T Haresco, Jr, as he explains the URGENT need to save Boracay from impending infrastructure project —
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Representative Teodorico “Nonong” T HARESCO, Jr, calls on members of the Media — both traditional and online — to help educate the public that SMC’s proposal to government to build the Caticlan-Boracay Bridge has more adverse than beneficial effects on the newly re-opened island paradise.
The construction of this bridge linking the island to a 400 hectare property where a hotel complex would be built would reverse the improvements done on Boracay, Congressman HARESCO explained.
The influx of more people and even big trucks using the bridge could ruin the island, he added.
The benefits of connectivity and mobility, in the end, are negated by the additional burden from toll fees for bridge use and for connection costs for the waste, sewage, fresh water, and power lines that will pass through the bridge.
Congressman HARESCO is a staunch supporter of sustainable development and use of Boracay Island for which he has filed bills to effect.
* * *
Congressman HARESCO is not only an advocate for Environment preservation — filing House Bills declaring portions of Aklan as Protected Natural Parks and Reserves — but also of Health and Nutrition.:
His HBs has pushed for the establishment of Botika sa Barangay, increasing number of beds in local hospitals, mandatory nutrition labeling of food products, and appointment of Social Welfare and Development Officer for LGUs.
He is also known for supporting SMEs and Corporate CSRs, specifically through the Walang Iwanan Program to achieve Millennium Development Goals.