Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Filipinos Toxic Financial Habits As ‘Flex’ And ‘Frugal’, Here’s How To Avoid Them


Filipinos Toxic Financial Habits As ‘Flex’ And ‘Frugal’, Here’s How To Avoid Them

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Spending, on a practical note, means that an entity will provide currency in exchange for goods, but how much are we talking about until we draw the line between flexing and being frugal?

Within our society, mishaps over expenditures are rife, notably with debts from small or large enterprises, or just from one another.

China Entrepreneur Investment Club or CEIC tells us that Filipinos from last year’s Q4 owe about 39 thousand per household. Another standpoint regarding Filipinos’ ties with Bangko Sentral, Filipinos who were born in mid-Q4 owe about 120 thousand pesos due to the country’s colossal debt of about 12 trillion pesos, which remained steady as of writing.

Those facts branch out towards SMEs and into smaller units of the populace within our society, thus ‘utang’ – mostly – and ‘yabang’ tend to blend among many other prominent cultures within Filipino societies, albeit in an unflattering way.

There are loud ways and subtle ways of showing and or handling troubling expenditures, with various intents, for you lovely readers to indicate catalysts with expenditures:

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