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March 7, 2018, The Cliffs Golf Club goes into drive as people come in to be part of this year’s golf tournament. Golf lovers, near and far, came in to Poro Point – San Fernando, La Union, to participate in the said tournament and enjoy the rest of the events set for the day as part of the annual light festival or more known as Sillag Festival.

The golf tournament is set into place by the Poro Point Management Council (PPMC) with The Big Difference Communications as media partner and in participation with Thunderbird Resort and Casino. Along with it is the support of the Tourism Promotions Board under the helm of Director and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Cesar D. Montano and that of the Department of Tourism. Sponsors of the event are as follow: Mc Donald’s, Skin White Lotion, Chocovron, 8 Layers Technologies, Inc., Paul and Harris Cafe, Mc Ilhenny Co Brand Products – makers of Tabasco, Folgers, Cara Ole and Mega Creations. Premium golf items are also up for grabs every raffle moment as the tournament progresses.


Set during the 2nd day of the 3-days festivities, the golf tournament is something of a tone-down but still energized event when compared to all the lights and fun fare activities for the day. What set this apart is the subtle dynamic energy that you feel as the game develops. As each player goes for a swing, you feel the excitement of hoping for a hole-in-one scenario or an impossible shot made possible at that time. Fun and friendly competition is simply the theme for the day.

Sillag’s golf tournament is one of the looked out for event in the festival. This year the expected number of players has increased. Joining this year’s golf tournament are Vince and Patricia Hizon, Anthony Suntay, Garry Lim, Epi Quizon and Rocco Nacino just to name a few. Same as the previous years, the golf tournament is expected to draw in watchers of the sport just to have a glimpse of known players and game development.

With the tee off set and putters, drivers and clubs all ready to be swung at a minute’s notice, we expect balls to fly true and far as the tournament progresses and a winner is declared.


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