Fundacion Sanso 2019

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Fundacion Sanso celebrates the master painter’s nine decades of prolific and pioneering works with SANSO AT 90 on November 24 at the Sanso Museum in San Juan…

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The foundation spearheads state-of-the-art authenticity papers with holographic fine prints for all Sanso paintings, which from Nov 15 to Dec 15 will be on 15% discount for the first 90 works brought for authentication…

They have established a network with the families of Imao, Orlina, and Olazo to have all their works and those of Sanso authenticated first before selling them and for buyers to look for authenticity certificates. to ensure that the works they are buying are originals…

catalan-born Filipino painter Juvenal Sanso is the first print artist to have a solo exhibit, the first painter to have a thousand works showcased in a single exhibit, and the first artist to help establish an art walk at SM Megamall to being art to the people…!




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