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Mother's Eye…


Mother's Eye…

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#18. Roschelle Catbagan

Rochelle is involved in event hosting and costume designing. An active mother of 3 she is a graduate of BS Tourism from Centro Escolar University. A woman with strong Faith, she believes that motherhood is the most wonderful gift that God gave mankind.

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A Mother’s Eye – ” Woman Supporting Love One with Cancer “, a continuous support of a mother to her children is so much dedicated that no one can ever deny.

How about a wife supporting her husband?

I traveled all over the Philippines and i see couples how close they are, how sweet they are and how promising their relationship up to the time of the big day – The Wedding…

After the wedding the sweetness and closeness is still there, but what IF this unfortunate DAY, TIME and SECOND caught unaware big trials splat to both of your face, how will you manage? I’ve seen couples break up, separated, divorce for the reasons of miscommunication and misunderstanding in a snap of your finger you give up cause you had enough of taking care with the kind of relationship. Escape from the heartaches and pain.

There’s this vibrant and successful young woman, a wife and a mother who is very much dedicated to her passion, her job brings her to different places all over the Philippines, mtg with vip people, organizing events and taking care of her family at the same time. A very busy and hectic schedule bring her time down to a big circumstances in life, that requires to measure and test her character in Life.

A strong personality yet a shy to expose her talent, Roschelle Catbagan went out from her comfort zone and brought out her advocacy to help her husband to survive cancer.

Roschelle Catbagan is knocking to your door and support her life advocacy – all she want is to make her husband happy, a calling from a humble heart of a loving wife.

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I am beyond emotional reading this. My family were currently on verge of battling this dreadful disease. My husband diagnosis last 2017 was Lung Cancer Advance Stage. I am still in denial. Making so much ways how to treat, how to recover or even how to heal him. Its possible but nearer to impossible.. Chemotherapy were not responding. Tumor still big and inoperable. I am trying to be strong specially for my children. I cried many times. Oftentimes i Prayed for Miracle…. I dont know if my prayers were being heard. But someone told me…. Gave me light of hope… ” Hey today is 2019…. The diagnosis was done 2017… 2 years passed. And your husband still here… Knowing its Lung Cancer…. The number 1 Cancer Life Taker. And Your husband still Strong and can do normal things…”. Its A Miracle without me knowing it…. Yes…. It is a miracle…. Miracles do happen… I’m crying while typing this…. Bear with me sisters….. Please continue praying for us…

#18. Roschelle Catbagan – Mrs. Palawan Candidate
Behind her smile is a broken portrait with teary eyes, once lost in faith until she sees the light of miracle. Be Strong and Bring Torch to others.   


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