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Regain your Active Lifestyle with SM Kenko Spa…


Regain your Active Lifestyle with SM Kenko Spa…

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I’ve always wanted to satisfy myself and my wife with a good massage, whenever we go to a massage we end up in a painful and unsatisfied massage. I notice that hard massage would end up a stressful and painful muscle to our body so I go to mild yet relaxing, but then again and still we both end up to a muscle pain in a few days. We’ve been trying different kind of massage into different places, yet we can’t find a better one that we can stick on to it.
We gone to a spa that there’s food, swimming, movie a license therapist, registered nurse and a blind, we keep on trying and visiting other places and try their so called best spa, but still we end up unsatisfied.

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Last Monday-May 2018, I book up with this new spa very near to place that have high rise apartment and a known mall in a new hotel in between, this spa has this package that need you to do swimming + steam bath + shower then a massage. We both enjoyed the swimming for about 2 hours or so then a steam bath of different room in this facilities male and female have separate locker room, shower, steam bath, body wash and a massage room. There will be no room for a couple or husband and wife.
Since it’s Monday – which I chose the day and time – this is the time of low customer stats, only few visit and not even the regular customers so the therapist will give more time and not in a hurry.

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After shower I’m about to go to the male massage room with my Yukata and a boxer short-which is like a robe, but different material. Then we I get inside the male massage room I said “wow” the room is big enough to ten people and there’s a space in between so the therapist can move freely.

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While rehabilitate my muscle and joint I feel the smooth way of massaging my body and relaxing at the same time, I almost fell to sleep while massaging me until the therapist asked me to turned back flat without a pillow from my current position and continue with a massage that really relaxing and feels good, then again the therapist asked me to sit to stretched up my arms and spine up to my neck and I said to myself – that feels so good, I’ve never experience that from other spa.

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Only SM Kenko Spa satisfied me and my wife our massage without asking for a tip, but since they serve us well even the bell boy got a tip from us. This is a lifestyle that cannot be deleted or undo rather a habit to relax you more and be more active. Thank you SM Kenko Spa. 

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Mind your stress and go straight to SM Kenko Spa and avail their Sparomatic Package at a very reasonable price, but before you go, just drop by at winford reception and ask for SM Kenko Spa flyer with 20% coupon, SM Kenko Spa is located at 11th Floor of Winford Hotel, Tayuman, Manila City / Landline (02) 536 7777. At the back of SM San Lazaro. SM Kenko Spa is not under SM it’s so happened that the owner’s initial name is SM.
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Coffee is one one beverage that i look for in every place that i went to…  

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A refreshing night after Sparomatic massage at SM Kenko Winford.
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