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Effective communication gets things done. It merits a good response and feedback from clients and target audience. It helps a project to improve; It can bridge a gap; It generates profit.
“We value client feedback just like any organization that started small and is now on their way to become household names capturing the people’s brand loyalty. We want to be the new guy in the advertising business when it comes to partnering with young entrepreneurs doing costing for their business to be promoted” said Rachell Corpuz,
Marketing Head of Dunhill.
Dunhill Events and Advertising Promotions’ Mssion and Vision has always been geared towards continuous improvement to deliver only what is the best for its client.
As your trusted media organizers, Dunhill Events and Advertising Promotions are here to bridge the gap between the consumers and the producers by launching ad campaigns that grabs the attention. Just like their lamp post campaign launched in the middle of 2019.
Dunhill Events and Advertising Promotions believes that we are now in a mobile generation and outdoor advertisement will have an increased audience marketability in the coming years; as the Filipinos move to from traditional media to outdoor media.
” Everyone is out and nobody likes to stay at home but it will still depend on the target market” said Rachell Corpuz
With profitability in mind, Dunhill Events and Advertising Promotions are committed to make their clients’ budget count.

Interested business partners can reach Dunhill Events and AdvertisingPromotions in their details below.
Call (02) 535-4364/ 09179040460
email :
Follow Instagram Account at DUNHILL.EAAPTwitter Account at dunhilleaap

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