Rep Teodorico ‘Nonong’ Haresco Shares Four-Point Plan for Aklan…
Representative Teodorico “Nonong” Haresco, a Lasallian alumnus who made his way up through his youthful entrepreneurial spirit, shares five-point plan for the Lone District of Aklan in a meet-and-greet with print and online media respresentaties at Dad’s West Avenue.

First, HEALTH. Not only because he has personally experienced not having enough money to undergo a much-needed gallstone operation, but also because he believes that Health is a priority for more productive citizens. 
This he plans to do through what he calls “PANALO TAYO KAY HARESCO” medical cards which would provide members direct and free access to medical services even without the show money most health care facilities require before treatment.
Second, INFRASTRUCTURE. Congressman Haresco firmly believes that with infrastructure business would follow, paraphrasing the great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.
He, however, although against modernizing Boracay in the sense of altering the terrain of the world-famous beach resort with buildings and bridges,is all for upgrading healthcare, security, and business systems in the island paradise
Third, WORK AND LIVELIHOOD. He does not only intend to get more Aklanons to get certified by TESDA to give them their passport to working here and overseas, Congressman Haresco also encourages more of his constituents, especially for women and youth,to engage in livelihood opportunities.
Fourth, EDUCATION. Congressman Haresco wishes to make both public and private education—not to mention, technical skills training through TESDA—accessible to majority of the Aklanons by offering them various scholarship programs. 
Having observed that most of the budget for educational scholarships for his district only get returned to the National Treasury because very few are trying to apply, he’d like to incentivize learning so that children and youth have options on whether to work, apprentice with companies, or go to university for further studies.
Health is a very kind advocacy to everyone, Education is what we impart to our Children, Infrastructure is what we contribute to our City, Work and Livelyhood is what we contribute to our Community. A Good Leadership with productivity in place is what we need in our Country.

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