Thursday, April 18, 2024

ACP Year End Party

ACP Year End Party

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Congratulations ACP – Accent Club Philippines for the wonderful Year End Party at Tarlac Circuit Hill….

Congratulations ACP Family for a successful 2018 year end party…

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watch here ACP year end party video…

ACP is not just a car club, it’s also a family. Ang Club na may Puso.

What are the benefits if you join ACP?? well as part of being pogi and gwapo, you will enjoy discounts from our partners car accessories and dealers.

One of which is Free Estimate and minor consultation at Ellah Car Parts and Accessories – will install you branded accessories, DX Car Accessories – exclusive car parts and accessories are being imported by DX, enjoy the unlimited Nitro fill in your tire from Drive+, body kit exclusive design from Clifford, exclusive discount from Hyundai Quezon Avenue and Hyundai Abad Santos, vcool tint discount from Chaps.

Being in the car club for almost 6 years i can say that i learned a lot, but learning with passion and being loved is what we called Ang Club na may Puso. Family and Friends is what ACP have to everyone. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Another year with full of events … 2019 will excites us all …


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