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May 29, 2018, Quezon City –  Alay-Buhay Party List, held a press conference to introduce its chosen representative in the image of Mr. Michael C. Fermin, for the upcoming election in 2019.

Held at Max’s Restaurant along Sct. Tuazon in Quezon City, the party list had chosen a pride of Bulacan to be their primary representative in Congress and serve as the voice for Micro-Small-Medium Enterprises (MSME) in the years to come.  Alay-Buhay is a firm believer that its new voice will do well in and out of the legislative halls and pursue the very core of the party list and that is to empower and help develop those categorized as MSME.

A pride of the province of Bulacan, Michael C. Fermin, has been in the public service for 20 years which started in his hometown of Calumpit and continued onto his provincial area (1st District of Bulacan).  A father of two children, he spends his time with those he loves and values the most.  At present, he is a director for the Poro Point Management Corporation – responsible in developing an evacuated military base into a dynamic economic zone in La Union.

With the thrust of the party list now officially on his hand, Michael C. Fermin, is to serve as the Voice of Thriving Businesses and be a level that is competitive and dynamic to those who are considered big in the business world.  He believes that giving the people what they need in terms of skills and financial support is not enough to truly give them a push in the right direction. 
What the people need is the right knowledge in management and venues to pursue their desired growth for their own business.  They have to be educated with what the government can give them, not just the private sectors and skills formation giving bodies, and take advantage of those assistance and benefits to fully give them a chance in the competitive world of business.
“Proper education is the key to everything. Those who dream big must not only know the basic skills to manifest and improve their craft but also what possible benefits and business advantage he may have when availing the various entrepreneurship program of the government.” – Michael C. Fermin’s thoughts on the present status of MSME in the country. 
“We already have a good number of those in the private sector giving assistance to those starting-up businesses.  Skill development is both offered by private and public groups also. This time around, Alay-Buhay will not only give support in the usual way of giving skills and finance to MSME but give them solutions and guides to programs that government groups have for some years now. 
MSME’s are not taking advantage of this opportunities and it is about time that they do.  I help them, they help the government, and the local and national scene of economy will definitely improve in the coming years.”

With the skills gained from training and experience, Alay-Buhay is sure to expect more interaction and coordination to come; a result from their new Voice Michael C. Fermin.



Alay Buhay…
One of the Major project of each city representative or LGU is to help those depressed people in need, primarily food, clothes, and shelter. The purposed is to bewitched these people to vote you on the next level of being public servant, but then again to some of these promises are in good will when released to the public and question is how many from the promises are ACCOMPLISHED.
Alay Buhay Representative Mike Fermin commit himself of infinite help to his people, Mike Fermin is a simple man who lives in a province of Bulacan who’s aim is to level up his position to help more people to where he stands. In good heart and willingness fermin stand is to help his people to be more productive which I think is one of the good quality that we need, and god fearing heart.
Looking forward to load up your infinite willingness to help your people in good heart without bewitch of kindness.      
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