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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

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Not all brand new  cars have insurance, but if your car is under car loan from the bank it’s a requirement to get a car insurance. Now what do we enjoy of having a car insurance…?

1. Participation Fee-if our car is not more than 3 years, we only pay  2,000 to 3,500 depending on the car category for your claim of damage repair. But if your car is more than 3 years, a 20% or so of the total damage cost is included to your total payment cost.
2. Free Estimate Cost to all accredited CASA or Car Repair Shop. All insurance company can extend this estimate cost to their clients free of charge.
3. Easy to Arrange Payment to your third party accident claim. Whenever you are updated to your car insurance, Own Damage Claim and Third Party Claim can be maid in a snap.
4. Road side assistant can be made during emergency event. Some Insurance Company extend a roadside assistant to all their clients as one of your benefits.
5. Staggard Payments or PDC (Post-Dated-Checks) can be arrange to your car isurance company for your premium payment.
Over-All, Car Insurance give you peace mind and worry free whenever you need to claim an accident repair for your car at lesser cost. 
My car commited a extreme accindent in slex threee years ago two weeks after it was displayed to a big event in world trade  center with my wife and son on our wayback to manila from sta. rosa, all the expenses worth almost 420K has been charge to my insurance company and my expenses was only the participation fee which is 2,000.00 pesos only.
Without the insurance i could easily give up my car and sold it out to the junk shop after the accident due to big amount that may cost me, but because i have a car insurance my car is back in good condition, quality repair and was replace all original parts.
This is how you manage and taking care of your car.
Passion on what you do is the key to success…

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