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FEU Theater Guild

FEU Theater Guild

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“Halu Halo”: Ten Short Plays Adapted from Playwrights in the World of Theater

The FEU Theater Guild (FTG), the longest-running organization in the University-Belt, celebrates its 89th founding anniversary. Known from titular productions such as Usapang X, Confession, Ang Pinakamakisig sa mga Nalunod sa Buong Daigdig, and Kung Paano Maghiwalay and widely regarded of both the Far Eastern University (FEU) and guests.

Despite theater’s two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the organization aimed to reintroduce itself to the FEU Community with its theater laboratory, Tamdula V: Muli. FTG’s return and reacquaintance was successful in reestablishing its place in the performing arts. In preparation for its 90th anniversary in the following year, FTG wholeheartedly offers its major production “Halu Halo”.

Mr. Dudz Teraña, director of “Halu Halo” is one of the senior members and directors of the Philippine Educational Theater (PETA), one of the established theater-based organizations in the country. He is known for his directed productions in PETA such as “Tagu-taguan Nasaan ang Buwan”, “Batang Rizal”, and “Living Voices” a PETA documentary. He has also been an actor in “Care Divas, Under My Skin” and the television series “Niño, Niña”. As FTG’s artistic director, his goal is to reintroduce the incensed emotions of theater to the FEU community, throughout the University-Belt, and of Non-FEU community.

“Halu Halo” contains ten short plays that are divided into two and shown every Friday and Saturday.

Set A every Friday:

“Arte Ka”, is adapted from the writing of R. Orloff and discusses the elements of writing in the entertainment industry.

“Recess” originally written by Teraña, is about familial issues, particularly of a father abusing his family.

“Walong Letra”, adapted from J. Johnston’s play explores the relationship of a couple with a dent in their union.

“Nang Mag-Suicide ang Langgam” from the original writing of Mr. Teraña, plays around with the social issues behind working in fast food retail.

“6.5 – 7”, derived from the writing of C. Reeve, is a playful story of a badly-timed elevator malfunction and a frantic woman’s contriving of her unfortunate situation.

Set B every Saturday:

“Bakit Laging Buntis ang Cashier ng Mercury?” From the adaptation of A. Weiss’s work. It delves into the mental state of an individual and their pursuit of sanity.

“Sabay Tayong Mag-Grab”, inspired from the writing of C. Pospisil, attempts to portray the serious trials of Filipinos in the field of mental health