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Angry Pioneers Cold-Chain Food Delivery in Metro Manila
Delivers Frozen Goods in −20°C Right to Your Doorstep

Do you need tubs of ice cream for a birthday but don’t want to get milk shake when the
delivery arrives? Are you craving for fresh salmon but unsure that what you’d get isn’t
fresh enough for your grill? Are you anxious your frozen veggies would turn soggy when
the courier rings up?

May be an image of 2 people is here to banish all the fears, uncertainties, and anxieties that surround getting
frozen or chilled foods delivered right at your doorstep as frozen, cold, and fresh as they
were first flash frozen. Only delivers your favorite foods in −20°C from their
freezer to your home!

Dispelling the Fear of Frozen Foods

“People didn’t believe in frozen food,” started Gerald Egrasse, a French food industry
veteran whose experience in France and French Africa led him to the Philippines, “but
frozen is mostly defrosted food, thawed in transit, then frozen again at home.”
Quality is lost from the time of purchase until the product reaches the home kitchen.

“Undergoing multiple temperature changes from the market and multiple defrosting robs
food of quality,” he explained, “worse, when they’re stored in less than −20°C.” Frozen
food begins to deteriorate when temperatures go up, so freezing is key to fresh foods:
flash freezing at the source and keeping in negative temperature from storage to delivery.
Only can do that in the Philippines!

Gerald’s Most Recommended Bestsellers

From the Butcher Shop, Monsieur Egrasse recommends lamb leg (bone in) not only on
Father’s Day on June 20 but also for all of those occasions and holidays where an
extraordinary treat is called for. Available in 2.4-3.2 kilograms, you can get your leg for
P1,7950 frozen and vacuum-packed from Australia or New Zealand. Great covered in
butter and filled with rosemary sprigs before roasting for two hours at 180°C.

Whole salmon fillet (skin on) from the Seafood section is best for grilling with lettuce
and roasting with butter and herbs. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids and very good for the
heart, each 1.8-2.0 kilograms pack from Chile or Norway costs P1,880. Scallops are so
versatile that the Galicians bake it with bread crumbs, ham, and onions; the Japanese
serve it in soup or topped on rice; and, the French cook it à la nage in broth flavored with
herbs and wine or sautéed, grilled, or broiled in skewers or en brochette.

From the Bakery comes ready-to-bake butter croissant dough in packs of six. For P320,
you can enjoy authentic French croissant baked right in the comfort of your home. Watch

Egrasse bake one on their YouTube channel. prides itself in locally sourcing export-quality Philippine mangoes for their
P250 per 908 grams pack mango halves – skinless . Seedless, flash frozen, and ready for
your smoothies and shakes, mangoes are rich in vitamins C and A. Also Proudly Pinoy, is mango jam for P149 per 270 grams jar. All natural and home-made, this
honeylicious jam is perfect with multigrain bread, yogurt, croissants, bananas, pancakes,
milkshakes, and juices!

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From the Cheese & Dairy section, and also from the Philippines, is the 500 grams
premium mozzarella log . You can melt it in your oven dishes, grate it for your pizza or
pasta, pair with white wine, or serve on your cheese platter. At P450, this log is a steal.

They also have traditional Italian mozzarella and traditional cherry mozzarella all from
the Philippines at P290 per pack of 250 grams Carrying the Healthy Food stamp from the Seafood section are scallops (roe off) from the US at P799 per 454 grams pack. Excellent as appetizers or main dish, these low-fat and high-protein shellfish are also excellent sources of vitamin B12 and zinc. also carries two gourmet wild mushrooms considered as culinary delicacies:
porcini mushrooms (Cèpes) and chanterelle mushrooms for P1,195 per pack of 500
grams and P750 per pack of 454 grams, respectively. These European mushrooms are not
only rich in vitamins and minerals, they’re also great for sautéing in butter, grilling or
oven-roasting as well as in casseroles, soups, and pasta.

Soon, will be partnering up with coco producers for its own line of ice creams
in choco, cafe, mango, and coco flavors that are plant-based, vegan, and lactose-free.

Educational and Interactive Website has an interactive website that gives consumers a wide array of products
categorized by section (like in a supermarket): Bakery, Butcher Shop, Seafood, Fruits &

Vegetables, Cheese & Dairy, Wine Shop; and, by food type (like in a health food store):

Gluten-Free, Healthy Food Swaps, Organic & Vegan, Keto & Diabetic Friendly,
Supplements, and World Cuisines. The best thing about the website though is that every
product page features an encyclopedic wealth of information, including product
description, health benefits, cooking instructions, ingredients, place of origin, recipe
suggestion, and nutrition facts!

To further increase consumer trust, has come up with two barometers of
quality: product reviews and trust labels. Everyone who has registered an account with, whether they have purchased a product or have tasted some from friends or as
gifts, can submit their product review and rating online. “We read these reviews and take
them seriously,” he admits, “so we can remove from our inventory products that get bad
reviews. All our products should consistently delight customers.” also makes it easier for consumers to immediately spot the best products
through three quality seals. Health Food for the healthiest options with no additives,
Proudly Pinoy for the highest-quality locally-sourced choices, and Authentic French for
products imported from France or made with French ingredients.

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Safe and Clean Online Shopping Alternative

“Unlike when shopping onsite in supermarkets where buyers tend to handle and smell
products before buying,” Egrasse explains, “ assures you of quality products
without these risks.” Moreover, buyers engaged in physical shopping in warehouse
outlets like SNR “tend to overbuy food stuff, even the fresh ones, most of which just get
thawed in transit, go straight into the freezer, and get stored for some time.”, thus, not only offers the freshest foods flash frozen at the source then transported and stored for consumers’ online convenience, but also delivers these prime goods in negative 20 degrees right to your doorstep.

“If you order before 2 p.m., you get your goods by refrigerated truck between 8 a.m. and
5 p.m. the following day,” he advised. Minimum order is P2,000 plus P90 delivery fee
within Metro Manila. “If you order P5,000 and above, delivery is free.”

“For same-day delivery, you have to order before 12 noon and pay P250 for a dedicated
motorcycle rider to bring you your order in an insulated cooler at −20°C.” For the mean
time, only entertains orders within Metro Manila, isn’t encouraging pickups,
and accepts Gcash.

Future Plans

“We want a clean website, improved services, and greater product range. We want to
carry Italian stuff like ravioli pasta, meatless products, no-fish products, mushroom-based
products, and breaded scallop burgers,” Egrasse enthusiastically shared.

The new website design should be able to identify customers if they’re shopping frozen, fresh, or dry. “We also plan to partner with restaurants and bakeries for our read-to-eat meals; but, instead of pushing the restaurants, we’re pushing for the brand.”

For Phase 1, plans to increase its cold storage to 50 feet wide by 5 feet high for
a good size warehouse with ample space for picking and organizing without the need to
rush as well as dispatching and trucking..

For Phase 2, the specialty grocery intends to have a chiller to store positive-temperature
inventory like salads and fresh veggies. “Arugula, for instance, won’t do well in −20°C,”
he said. Scheduled for phase 2 as well is the purchase of another truck to cover Metro
Manila and two motorcycles for prime delivery, “We’re thinking of having the freezer
truck go around the Metro the whole afternoon for deliveries.”

“We want to bring value to the brand without being out of range of peoples’ means,” he concluded.

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About is a healthy food and gourmet grocery delivery, online deli, and gluten-free
food delivery in Metro Manila and around the Philippines. The shop began as Icebox
gourmet store at the Ecoplaza along Pasong Tamo in Makati in 2010; evolved as a French
and European online specialty store in 2015; and, boomed in 2020. Business peaked
when the pandemic struck, driving consumers to shop online, and when Geoff got
onboard as Gerald’s business partner, finance manager, and lucky charm. is on
Esquire’s lists of 11 best online specialty grocery stores in 2020 and alternative online
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