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I Love You LC….

I Love You LC….

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Listen to Low Carb Intermitent Fasting (LCIF Original) Founder Dave Aguila introduce I LOVE YOU, LC – 
Listen to what an LCIF Moderator, two Members, and a Sponsor rave about I LOVE YOU, LC, right after the Movie Premiere at Fisher Mall’s Cinema 3 and 4 –
There are at least three reasons why it’s interesting to watch Aguila Production’s I LOVE YOU, LC – co-directed by Dave Aguila and Dave Cecilio, who wrote the script – namely:
1. WEIGHT – “There are more than 80 million Filipinos who are suffering from being overweight and obese. And this is not a petty matter because obesity is often the precursor of many chronic diseases, including cancer,” explained Producer Dave Aguila.
With this figure, it wouldn’t come as a surprise why the Low Carb Intermittent Fasting (LCIF Original) Facebook Group, in just a couple of years, ballooned to almost 300,000 members: 

Thousands would love to lose weight fast and in the fun way. 
2. HEALTH – However, it’s sometimes not only harder to tell people to watch their weight, it’s also more difficult to convince people to do something about losing weight – especially if they don’t feel yet its impact on their health and, ultimately, their lives.
This is where testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations come in. Most people would give things a try once they see other people achieving success in their weight and health goals. With a few pounds off, it would always be fun to keep shedding pounds not only for a healthier you, but for a better you. 
It’s ultimately total personal wellness more than just weight loss or improved health.
3. FUN – It would, therefore, be easier to invite people to watch and movie that talks about weight and health and how these could affect one’s confidence, self-esteem, productivity, relationships, and determination to achieve more beyond what they had grown comfortable with and gotten accustomed to.
The movie is not just about love, which is an all-time formula for drawing audiences, but also about friendships, values, self-perception, sexual identity, entrepreneurship, family, and wholistic well-being.
In the end, its always love of self that begets self-respect that attracts love, friendships, and success with a positive outlook, lifestyle, and vibes.

Thus, Producer Dave Aguila encourages everyone to watch this movie and have fun while considering how losing weight, redirecting your diet, tweaking your lifestyle, and expanding your community to like-minded individuals who chose to be healthier by losing weight appeals to you.
It’d be interesting to note that Scriptwriter-Director Dave Cecilio is an alumnus of BigFoot Studio’s International Academy of Film and Television and of Ricky Lee’s Scriptwriting Workshop.
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