Tuesday, June 18, 2024

JUXTA: Position

JUXTA: Position

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Immersing in “The Aesthetics of Reduction” through JUXTA:POSITION, 20th/21st Century Abstract Philippine and Traditional Philippine Cordillera Art, Where Cordillera bululs and ritual boxes dialogue with Gus Albor, Lee Aguinaldo, Alcuaz, Joya, Lao Lanbien, Legaspi, Luz, HR Ocampo, and Zobel, With Rudolf KRATOCHWILL of 1335 Mabini (PH) and Martin KURER of Asian Art:Future (HK) at Karrivin Plaza in Makati.

This counterpoint of Cordillera pieces from the Hong Kong collection and Philippine abstracts from the Ambeth Ocampo collection are not for sale – but the concept, says Kratochwill, may be toured not only in the Philippines but definitely in Europe.

Kurer notes that one gauge of good Asia-Pacific and Oceanic Arts is authenticity because not many original pieces are circulating in the market.

“Authenticity” here meaning these pieces were not made to serve as art or were made by “artists” but to serve functions essential to the community – like rice gods protecting harvest – unlike modern pieces.

Show opens on February 16, Saturday, at 4:00PM.
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