Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Kuyako’s ETs


Kuyako’s ETs

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Today is our 5th show for Kuyakoy’s ET at VG8 Studio in makati…

What we discuss here is all about our past event that we attended… today we have a special guest all the way from japan to promote his one of a kind product that is made from paper and definitely its a family effort. Check out our link and watch;

Live: Kuyakoys Events and Travels #Vg8Radio #Vg8RadioLive

Live: Kuyakoys Events and Travels #Vg8Radio #Vg8RadioLive

Posted by VG8 Radio on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

4dPoket is a japan origami inspiration, rolling all the product all over japan and also available in japan airport.

check out their product online at http://4d-pocket.com/ and soon HoWay will be the exclusive distributor all this kind of family bonding thing…





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