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Phippine Beach Games

Phippine Beach Games

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The Philippine Beach Games, also known as PBG, is a multi-sport event which is staged every summer among athletes from all over the Philippines and Asia. The Games are organized by Pleightowne, Inc., together with National Sports Associations and Sports Organizations. This is the largest beach multi-sport gathering with participants from colleges, universities, clubs, provincial and local government units and Asian countries battling it out for supremacy in various events.
On May 2019, The Philippine Beach Games, backed by the tremendous support of Pangasinan, led by Gov. Amado I. Espino III, the Pangasinan Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Department of Tourism will be hosting ten sports; beach flag football; beach handball; beach volleyball; beach football; beach petanque; beach roundnet; beach ultimate Frisbee; beach fat bike race: beach run; beach dodgeball.

On May 24, 2019, there will be free sports clinics students, trainers, athletes, recreationists and even retirees who want to learn more about the sports. There will also be fun games and fun booths for those who won’t engage in the sports. Concessionaires have been tapped to feature delicacies of Pangasinan.
The games will be played at the Capitol Beach Front, Lingayen Pangasinan on May 25, 2019 up to May 26, 2019.
PBG was born from the minds of passionate sports enthusiasts heading various sports associations and sports clubs. Their goal was to create a sports league that will have the combination of fun and competitiveness in venues with proper facilities.
The group organized a trial run with a beach flag football tournament in 2016. This was followed the following year, 2017, by the Asian Inter-Collegiate Beach Flag Football Tournament which was participated in by Asian powerhouses Japan and Thailand. Simultaneous with this were games in Beach Handball and Beach Volleyball.
PBG has experienced a tremendous growth since its maiden event. In 2018 there were seven (7) sports: beach flag football; beach handball; beach volleyball; beach football; beach petanque; beach roundnet; beach ultimate Frisbee.
Lingayen’s sprawling beach caught the eyes of the group. The beach had the qualities that would be great for simultaneous beach sports. The province does weekly beach clean ups, thus making their beach free of unwanted trash. Graders and bulldozers are easily made available by the province to flatten the sand. The beach is so wide and long that it can accommodate numerous official-sized fields.
So why are they holding these Philippine Beach Games? PBG does its share in promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports. More variety of sports gives more people more choices and chances to engage in exercise, recreation and competition. There are non-traditional sports in the PBG that can cater to those who have different abilities. Simultaneous games give people an awareness of the various sports that they can engage themselves in or do cross-training. Camaraderie is also fostered among athletes from different fields.
International Beach Games
The Philippines joins the Asian Beach Games (ABG). The PBG is a venue where our national athletes can train and compete with others in preparation for International tournaments. This could also be a venue where coaches can scout and recruit players for the national team.
Other Asian countries have already hosted the Asian Beach Games. With the regular holding of Philippine Beach Games, the Philippines will soon be able to host the ABG.
Sports Tourism
Beach Games not only bring in athletes but also spectators and tourists. Athletes from all over the country travel with their friends and family to enjoy the games and the scenery. The PBG has and will continue to be a big contributor to local tourism.
Foreign teams have also participated in the PBG. And more foreign teams have shown interest in joining the coming games. This is definitely a big boost to our county’s international tourism campaign.
Responsible Tourism
PBG provides a hydration station where players can get their water. All participants and officials are required to bring their own water bottles or tumblers. Plastic cups and PET bottles are not allowed in the playing area.
Officials and participants are informed that they should practice Clean As You Go (CLAY-Go) and Leave No Trace (LNT). This assures clean beaches where everyone can keep coming back to play.
The 2019 Season takes on a very simple but very direct theme which will be the guiding principle in PBG’s activities… Engage!
It is the goal of the group to engage as many people into as many sports as possible. There are the main stream sports like beach volleyball and beach football. And for those who want other challenges, there are the fast growing sports of flag football, handball, ultimate Frisbee and more. These new crazes in the sports world may be the right action for those who shy away from mainstream sports. There’s totally no running in Petanque, but this will test your focus and mental toughness to the hilt. Different sports present different challenges. Plus there are a lot more sports that will surely get those bodies moving.
Everyone in the group is engaged in helping with the growth of all of the participating sports. Participants get to try out or at the very least watch different sports.
PBG’s goal is to engage the local community to become guardians of the playground (their own beachfront). They can earn from tourism. They could also learn a sport or two and form their own teams.
Whether you’re there on vacation, playcation or serious competition, we will engage you in fun-filled activities!
Beach games is one of the summer hit event out of town on the beach one of which are volleyball and freesbie, now adding to the beach games are three, five and ten kilometer run, fat bikes and dodgeball, and more.

One of my favorite game that I like the most for this event game is dodgeball, I played dodgeball with my son.

These are the peeps behind the Philippine Beach Games 2019. You can approach them anytime during the event proper for your beach games concern only, no love life “hehehe”.


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