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QMARKETZ Certification…


QMARKETZ Certification…

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What is

Qmarketz is the trusted source of used car pricing, reviews and information so you can buy or sell used cars smarter and easier – guaranteed. Do your research with Qmarketz before buying your next car, whether brand new or used! Qmarketz would like to quantify the market (thus the name), and analyze/ simplify it for you. We continuously research new and used car prices and detailed specifications everywhere in the market, so you don’t have to. You, the buyers and sellers, can use information Qmarketz freely provides to begin your second hand car search and negotiations. Qmarketz hopes to quantify the market to make it a more active, more transparent used car marketplace that would ultimately benefit everyone.

Perhaps importantly, we’re here to help you buy a car, not try and sell you one.

What does the Qmarketz Website aim to do?

  • Give the average market price of cars  – in the market by doing the hard work of researching all offline and online sources that we can find
  • Allow you to compare different features and specifications of cars -  especially those that matter to you. Likewise, we continuously research and catalog dusty old brochures, and convert that data into meaningful information for you!
  • Browse, read and write car reviews – learn more about other people’s experiences with the cars you’re interested in. Get insights not from the “car experts”, but from the normal, everyday car owners – those who use the cars on a regular basis. Be able to share your experiences with others too!
  • Give you more functionalities as time goes by – our engineers and data scientists are hard at work creating content, to make used car buying and selling easy!

You, the buyers and sellers, can freely use information Qmarketz provides to begin your second hand car search and negotiations. Qmarketz will quantify the market to make it a more active, more transparent used car marketplace that would ultimately benefit everyone.

For any other questions, please contact Reg Villanueva at 09066316504.





Buying a second hand car without certification and verification, think again, it might be good looking from the outside, but waste of money at the inside.. Car certification is what we need to guaranty that the car we choose is worth buying and worry less. Other way to satisfy you is to ask the car passport-this booklet will ensure you the history of Pre Maintenance System-PMS.


In other countries buy and sell cars are easy process to do, it’s just like buying pandesal or candies yet selling cars without certification are hot cars. Here in our country we can easily do buy and sell cars, like if I am a buyer and no knowledge about cars I can easily believe to the seller word of “Running Condition”, but what really is Running Condition-it’s a common word or a layman terms of Hassle Free at All when you buy a 2nd hand cars or any thing that runs with a battery. Assuming you bought a car without any certification what-so-ever and you believe on the selling point of Running Condition then something happen which common problems are over 2 years old Battery, unchanged Spark Plug, low tire running  percentage and so on, then later on you found out that there are a lot of things that you need to do with your 2nd hand card including over haul, this is why QMARKETZ.COM comes in. your hassle FREE would a real thing, coz without certification your 2nd hand car is unconditioned process.

Qmarketz gives you the assurance that your second hand car is real running conditioned without a doubt, qmarketz will certify your car for sale so there will be no hassle in your end and to your client, this is a win win situation between the seller and the buyer.

When getting a second hand car look for QMARKETZ seal and that will give you assurance that your car is Good running Conditioned.





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