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Selah Garden Suites


Selah Garden Suites

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What do we look for our weekend get-away to relax and re-charge ourselves from our busy days at work during the week. We travel all the way to a destination out of town to relief our traffic stress from the city.  

Now a days we like to check-in and have a wonderful and relaxing weekend with our family and friends due to our busy days from monday til friday. When spending overnight during weekend at the hotel within the metro we check on their facilities on what can we do to spend with, Selah Garden Suites offer a different kind of weekend get-away with their outdoor activities to spend with your family and friends. 

This large size duyan can accomodate up to 3 to 4 slim size adult and still can do sway and have fun while chatting with your family and friends. 

Selah Garden Suites also cater diving lesson at 20 feet from this swimming pool alone, Schedule your diving lesson from Selah Garden Suites and it will serve you well with license dive instructor from PADI.

Long table for special ocassions to simple family gathering like Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Date with your family can accomodate the whole clan.

Seminar, Conference and indoor party like this up to 100 pax can accomodate hassle free. You can also request your theme for the party.
Outdoor activities like wall climbing, rappeling, zipline, trust fall, and cable crossing are all available with your request. 

Dorm type room can accomodate from 8 peeps to 12 persons for those who does not want to be out of the barka and keep awake like there’s no time to waste.
Book your weekend get away with lots of outdoor things to do, with your family and friends or even with your love one’s at Selah Garden Suites.


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