Shaw Contract Carpet Launch 2019


Shaw Contract Carpet Launch 2019

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Shaw Contract 50 years old cradle to cradle certified carpet maker launches 2 carpet solutions: Haven & Inside Shapes at Whitespace for the 2019 Design Journey Event with Shaw Contract and SMJ Furnishing.

To introduce the Inside Shape groundbreaking flooring system working with 4 shapes and 12 colors to come up with endless possibilities.

And the Haven using 6 foundational styles that utilizes hospitality quality while evoking homey feel even in formal spaces.

* * *

Shaw Contract has been around for 50 years with beginnings in Georgia where it started by producing yarns and threads and is currently the only cradle to cradle carpet manufacturer.

As an integrated manufacturer producing its own raw materials it not only offers lifetime warranty but also earth friendly sustainability by upcycling its products.

Wasting nothing by continuously recycling old, worn out carpets literally making more carpets out of carpets with every product produced already 40% recycled.

* * *

Truly innovatively functional and sustainably green carpet options for 21st century interiors making the floor we walk on a very special and worthwhile experience.

Carpet Wallpaper by Contract Design

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