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What is your talent?

What is your talent?

How do you feel about this story?


Actions versus words. Each one of us has a different perspective of which outweighs the other. We have our own way of expression but for me, actions can speak volumes.

Sometimes, we say things we have no intention of keeping. It’s easier to make promises but it takes effort to follow through. You can tell a person that they’re special but showing and making them feel what you mean creates a deeper meaning. You can say “I’m sorry.” and “I love you.” as many times as you like but they still turn to dust. A million beautiful words may come out of your mouth but mean nothing. Words can be meaningless. But a single action can mean the world.
Actions are seen by the naked eye and show our true colors. Our actions prove our worth, value, and character. Actions help us express feelings and emotions. In my case, I dance.
I dance in front of large crowds to send a message. I dance in front of the mirror to tell myself that “I’m fine”. I dance in front of someone to show them they’re special to me.
I dance because sometimes, no word in any language can convey even a fraction of what I feel.
Oral Communication in Context

JC Cueto 
11-Fermat / Manila Science High School
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