Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Empowering Women is Building a Progressive Nation

Empowering Women is Building a Progressive Nation

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How do you define a woman?

Woman is not simply classified based on her sex, on how her body is built, on how pretty she looks. The word “woman” has progressed and evolved into far, deeper, meaningful descriptions as time passed. Why?

Women are created equal in the eyes of the creator, and same thing happens to all when people die. Hence, no one is above the other. There may be other things that men can do that women cannot, but there are also things that women can perform that men cannot.

Gone are the days that men are superior on women which is a significant transformation in our norms. By empowering women – giving them equal rights, promoting their sense of self-worth – they are able to share and contribute their abilities in the varied aspects of life, be it in social, economic and politics. They become efficient and productive which create a ripple effect starting from the families, to communities and to the country in a wider range.  This is very important in having a prosperous society.

With women empowerment, they are able to express their ideas, prove their thoughts, accomplish them. By empowering women, they are given opportunities to reach their full potentials which is significant in attaining the nation’s developmental and advancement intentions.

Looking at the bible’s context, a woman, Eve, was created out of the man, Adam, because God wants Adam to be happy and God knows that Adam need a partner, someone who will help him to attain his mission and purpose in life. In this sense, people need each other, men need women to complete a goal, to fulfill a task.

Smart Assent Managers empower women with unique compendium of selected tools this measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment.

Again, what is a woman? “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”






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