Monday, May 27, 2024

New Mrs. Palawan on the Move…

New Mrs. Palawan on the Move…

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Thank you Mama Mary for guiding me all throughout this competition ..
You know my heart..

All these endeavor I lifted all to you….
I convinced myself going home empty handed…
But you shifted things turned into places…
Thanks Beauty Looks by Ms Joanna Marie,
And to all who voted me,

Though I didnt won facebook sensation, hehehehe, Mama Mary thank you for giving me a chance to be heard….
My Extemporaneous Speech Defies Most…
A turning point why I grabbed Mrs. Palawan 1st Runner Up Title….
To All people who supported me…
From the Inner Linings of My Heart,
Maraming Salamat po…..
To my Family, My Husband Ark Catbagan with our children, my Mama Irma Macasaet, My Papa Roy Yabut, My Kuya Richard Macasaet Yabut…

This is all For You….
I did my best to make you proud….
I will be forever thankful with all your compassion and support..To my fellow candidates,
We were all beautiful….
We did all our Best…
I Gained Friends,
But theres also sad discoveries….
What matters most,

Joining this pageant teaches me a lot of lesson in life…
And I will Keep it in my Heart Forever….
To God Be The Glory….
Great Day Everyone…

When you believe you can do it, have faith that God will do the rest. Your passion in doing so will guide you all the way to the top.
* * *

One of which that I do believed is your passion to do it with pure heart.
Congratulations to you…
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